Tacos, quesadillas, tostadas

Slow cooked pork, previously marinated for 18 hours in axiote, orange and spices. Aromatic and exquisite, cochinita pibil is typical of the Yucatan Peninsula and is perfect with red onion pickled with habanero peppers.

Cochinita pibil
Taco: 3,5€ Quesadilla 4€ Tostada: 5€

Simple and fantastic. Extra slow cooked pork. Soft, tender, juicy, spectacular. The best carnitas you will taste outside of Mexico. This Sunday brunch king is originally from the state of Michoacán.

Taco: 3,5€ Quesadilla 4€ Tostada: 5€

Top quality chicken breast cooked with tomato, onion, and a wonderful touch of chipotle. This delicacy is originally from the beautiful state of Puebla.

Chicken or beef Tinga
Taco: 3,5€ Quesadilla 4€ Tostada: 5€

A classic preppy afterwork dish for Mexico City's afternoon party people. Prawns cooked in a tasty and sticky sauce made of squid ink and cream. Simply lovely.

"Petrol" Prawns Taco: 5€

An old time favourite. Potato, chorizo, onion and a hint of epazote. Always a safe bet.

Papas con chorizoTaco: 3,5€ Quesadilla 4€ Tostada: 5€

Is it sweet? Is it salty? Is it spicy? Yes, yes and yes. Mole is undescribable, exquisite, magical. There is the classic chicken mole version or my modern version with squid. Both are amazing.

-We also have... chicken pibil, chicharrón en salsa, fish tinga, zucchinni flower, and much more!

- Minimum 20 units per dish

- Exquisite, home made salsas to choose from (Green, red or onion)*

*Extra sauce: 7€


Ceviches, guacamoles, soups and more delights

Picture yourself in Acapulco. Hammock, beer, and the best ceviche you have ever had. Seabass, prawn, serrano peppers, lime, cilantro, and red onion. Perfection.

Acapulco Style Seabass & Prawn Ceviche

45€ x 1/2 kg

A corn tostada with chipotle mayo, slightly marinated raw tuna, and fried leak. Your guests will be surprised with such an unusual burst of flavors.

Tuna Tostada with Chipotle Mayo

8€ each
Minimum 4 tostadas
I had a dream about this tostada. The next day I made it and it is A M A Z I N G. Salmon, mango and avocado in tamarind sauce and a hint of mezcal. Topped with rucula leaves.

Salmon, Mango & Tamarind Tostada

8€ each
Minimum 4 tostadas

Shitake mushroom marinated in lime, serrano pepper, cilantro, tomato, and onion. Fresh and 100% vegan, perfect for a sunny day

Vegan Ceviche Tostada

7€ each
Minimum 4 tostadas

Corn tostada with jalapeño mayo, prawns, and feta cheese. Easy to fall in love with it.

Prawn Tostada with Jalapeño Mayo

7€ each
Minimum 4 tostadas

If you got to taste it in the market, you already know it is a marvelous spectacle of flavors and aromas. Perfectly ripe, gorgeous Santa Catalina market avocados mixed with cilantro, onion, lime and hot sauce. Enjoy them with homemade tortilla chips.


11€ per order

To share between 2 or 3 people

Mexican spicy broth with fried tortilla strips, cream, cheese, avocado, pork rinds and chile ancho. Try it when it’s cold out and its heaven.

Azteca Soup

6€ each

Minimum 4 plates

“Mexican lasagna”. Corn tortilla, chicken, cheese and more cheese, spicy red sauce, poblano pepper, cream and corn, all layered and au gratin. So perfect.

Pastel Azteca

68€ per tray

Approximately 8 servings

Do you want fancy anything else? some mexican rice, refried beans, vegetarian options... ASK! Your wishes are my command 🙂


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