La Victoria mexican catering

It all started out in a tiny and cozy stand in Santa Catalina Market. Amazing clients of all ages and nationalities where gladly surprised by the intense and real flavors authentic mexican food has to offer. High quality ingredients cooked with mexican love and care and a nice environment. Lovely. You can read real thoughts from my clients here.

Who is this señorita?

Cassandra Reynoso, born and raised in Mexico, currently living and loving Mallorca.  

I have been away from home for some time now and oh how I missed the street taste! 


Whenever I went to a Mexican restaurant I felt so sad that people thought Mexican food is Tex-Mex, when it is not. No one in Mexico eats Tex-Mex. Tex-Mex is our enemy! So, I had to cook it myself. For 12 years I have experimented with techniques and ingredients and finally I nailed it, authentic Mexican street food in Mallorca. 


High quality, tasty tacos made from prime ingredients, the freshest guacamole you can get, exquisite ceviches, sauces made from scratch, tostadas, quesadillas and much more. 


My love for cooking and the immense variety the market had to offer encouraged me to experiment even further, so I created a Mexican fusion line for not so delicate palats who enjoy an avalanche of surprising flavors and colours. 

Take a look at all I have to offer taking a look at my MENU OPTIONS.


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